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Plant'Adapt project gets off the ground with APRR!

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On 23 November, APRR planted the first seed for its green, climate-friendly Plant'Adapt project at the Taponas service area (69) on the A6 motorway between Lyon and Mâcon.

Around twenty guests were invited by APRR-AREA & Eiffage to the launch of this innovative and ambitious project.

Local councillors, project partners and journalists, both novices and gardening specialists, took part in the cutting.

 Cutting, grafting, sowing and ANR
The aim of Plant'Adapt is to encourage the natural development of climate-compatible vegetation, using species and species present in the area, through cuttings, grafting, sowing and assisted natural regeneration (ANR).
The vegetation used in the experiment is selected on the basis of climate change forecasts, i.e. adapted species, plantations requiring little maintenance and intervention and guaranteeing the best carbon capture and storage performance (wood and soil).
Initially, some 3,000 m² will be planted on the APRR pilot site at Taponas, where four areas have been set aside for this purpose.
Participatory cutting workshop
After a general presentation of the project, participants were invited by Caudex-Lyon, the project's prime contractor, to take cuttings from willow branches collected from the Taponas site.
An area had been prepared using straw, compost and wood shavings, plus a material that retains heat and water, namely recycled sheep's wool.
A successful project
Ten hectares of green outbuildings spread over around ten APRR-AREA service areas will be planted in a climate-compatible way using these processes.
By 2025, 60% of APRR and AREA's green areas will be Plant'Adapt!
As Camille Delorme, APRR-AREA environmental project manager, points out: "At APRR and AREA, we have more green spaces to maintain than motorway pavements!
Clément Bourge from Eiffage's sustainable development and cross-functional innovation department was not unaware of this challenge. The project manager said on site: "Assisted natural regeneration is a major first on an area of Eiffage's motorway concessions, but we are enthusiastic and confident about the result".
The progress and success of the project will be monitored for five years, using relevant indicators such as carbon storage and changes in soil biodiversity.
An ecological projet to follow with the green trace, of course !
Photo © APRR