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Positive Planet France: planned opening of a new branch dedicated to entrepreneurship in priority neighbourhoods in Nice

Eiffage Group

In priority neighbourhoods (known as QP or Quartiers Prioritaires), the unemployment rate is two and a half times the national average and at the same time one in two young people want to start their own business. In the nerve centres of these priority neighbourhoods or during collective information meetings, Positive Planet France encourages people out of the job market to develop a business project. This initiative gives them the boost they need to take the plunge.

The association is an expert in supporting business creation: over a course of several meetings project developers see their ideas transformed into actual projects. Positive Planet France helps all sorts of people and particularly people from priority neighbourhoods, job-seekers, people on minimum benefits, without qualifications or facing social exclusion.

Since 2015, the Eiffage Foundation has been helping to meet the investment needs of Positive Planet France so it can provide support to future entrepreneurs under the best possible conditions and ensure a professional environment for them to work on their projects. This support is fully in line with the main objectives of the Foundation, which provides financial assistance to associations committed to supporting entrepreneurship in struggling areas. Marseille, Le Havre, Paris 18th district and Roubaix have already benefitted from our support.

The Eiffage Foundation has committed its support for a further three years (2019 to 2021) to enable Positive Planet France to develop in new areas. In 2018, a project support manager was recruited for the Nice branch to ensure a full-time service in this area.

Since this branch opened, 289 project developers have had meetings, 219 have received support and 81 have started their own business. The branch is currently cramped and provisionally located in offices on loan from the local town hall. Now it will be able to operate in new premises nearby, with the help of Eiffage Construction Côte d’Azur.