Publication of Eiffage’s 2020 Universal Registration Document in French

Eiffage Group

The French-language version of Eiffage’s 2020 universal registration document is now available from the “Group” or “Finance” sections of the Group’s website.

The document has now fully embraced eco-design principles in line with the Group’s low-carbon strategy.

Everyone involved in the production chain, from design to manufacture, has conducted a thorough carbon footprint analysis of the various stages leading to publication of a universal registration document. Its environmental impact has been evaluated and reduced, without compromising the quality and integrity of the information it contains.

All the teams involved in the production process have taken innovative and practical steps to cut the Group’s carbon footprint. They have altered their working methods, kept content strictly focused on the main points, reduced the margins and line spacing, selected clean and simple fonts, minimised the use of visuals and four-colour printing, lowered ink intensity and reviewed the printing methods used.

The English-language version will be available in a few weeks.

Read the universal registration document