Raising awareness and involving employees in disability issues at work

Eiffage Group

Invisible disability highlighted during European Disability Employment Week.

Some 80% of cases of disability are said to be “invisible”. But the fact that they are invisible doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Throughout the week, Eiffage will be raising employee awareness of this issue and highlighting some types of disability which – while they perhaps can’t be seen – still call for some changes to be made. The disability may be invisible but the skills are there, ready and waiting to express themselves!

The Group’s divisions regularly run communication and awareness-raising sessions for their employees. The sessions also aim to foster a better understanding of disability issues and improve the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace. Employment integration remains more difficult for some types of disability in highly operational occupations.

The divisions’ action plans mainstream disability issues by:

  • raising management and employee awareness in order to change perceptions of disability;
  • recruiting people with disabilities to long-term positions, possibly on a rotating basis;
  • taking on trainees and setting up partnerships with occupational retraining centres;
  • keeping disabled persons in employment, especially where the disability has occurred as a result of an accident at work;
  • encouraging the professional development and employability of people with disabilities;
  • establishing partnerships with the sheltered sector so that purchasing policy can be used to support specialised structures;
  • working to ensure that anyone affected by disability at some point in their career can be kept in employment.

During the European Disability Employment Week, a number of activities will be organised at the Pierre Berger campus (Vélizy-Villacoublay) to highlight a variety of situations that are often far-removed from the sometimes clichéd picture of disability that can still be found