The rehabilitation of the Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris is officially completed!

Construction Division

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The Museum of Modern Art, built in 1937 in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, reopens its doors with brand new interiors. This renovation of 14 000m² carried out by Eiffage Construction and designed by h2o architects, associated with Studio GGSV, aims to improve the conditions of reception of the public in the hall, and allow greater fluidity between the different spaces, especially those reserved for temporary exhibitions.

The teams of Eiffage Construction Equipements have been able to take into account the delicate heritage of the Parisian site to restructure and redevelop it with:

  • the creation of a new floor at Level 5, above the new exhibition room at Level 4,
  • demolition and reconstruction of a floor 1 meter lower,
  • the layout of new spaces created in office, exhibition room, sanitary,
  • the restructuring of the entrance hall, bookstore, exhibition halls,
  • the realization of demolitions, cleaning, big work for the future restaurant.

This site was particularly complex technically since the work was carried out during the operation of the museum. The teams had to work at the same time as the installation of the works, resulting in heavy constraints on intrusion into the works exhibited during the construction phase.
Eiffage Construction Équipements was able to show all its know-how in the context of work in occupied areas/ in operation, and this in one of the most touristic areas of Paris.