Repowering Souleilla wind farm in Treilles

Energy Division

An initiative for energy efficiency and sustainability. 

Q ENERGY, committed to improving the energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of its Treilles wind farm repowering project, called on Eiffage Energies Systèmes to assist with the scheme.  

Here are the key stages in our contribution to this project : 

Dismantling and recycling the electrical network : Our teams have dismantled, recycled and evacuated 1,500 linear meters of MV cables. 

Reinforcing the MV network : We dug 3,600 linear metres of trenches to reinforce the MV network. This will enable efficient power transmission from the wind turbines to the public distribution grid, thus contributing to the supply of renewable energy. 

Real-time monitoring : Our specialists have recreated the fibre network and the earthing interconnection circuit. This infrastructure provides real-time energy production monitoring, facilitating preventive maintenance. 

Wind repowering is an essential strategy for boosting performance in wind farms and extending their life. The process helps maximize energy production while minimizing environmental impact, by replacing or modernizing obsolete components.