Saint Gervais

Restauration de l'église Saint-Gervais par Pradeau Morin

Construction Division

Our Pradeau Morin teams are currently working on the restoration of the north transept of the church of Saint-Gervais in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, a listed historic monument. 

Built in 1494, the church of Saint-Gervais Saint Protais is a true testament to the history of Paris, combining classical, Gothic and flamboyant Gothic styles. Listed as a Historic Monument since 1921, it is at the heart of this restoration project, which aims to restore this place of worship to its former splendour.

The project, which began in 2019 with the restoration of the firm tranche (TF) devoted to renovating the 35-metre-high bell tower, continues with the work on the optional tranche (TO), starting in May 2023. This new phase of work is dedicated to the restoration of the north arm of the transept (the arm between the choir and the nave), a crucial stage in the preservation of this heritage jewel. The restoration of the facades includes elements of specific size, such as the pinnacle, the flamboyant balustrade and the crowning of the turrets.

The worksite, under the supervision of LAGNEAU Architectes, is progressing successfully thanks to the expertise and commitment of our 14 journeymen. To date, more than 600 m² of facade have already been restored, and 50 m3 of stone have been replaced.

Delivery is scheduled for October 2024. Throughout the works, the church of Saint Gervais Saint Protais will remain open to the public.

Congratulations to our teams on this major project.

Client: City of Paris
Project manager : LAGNEAU Architectes