Reuse: how Eiffage Construction is concretely involved in a circular economy approach with RéaVie

Construction Division

Every day, tons of materials are thrown away on building sites... but at Eiffage Construction, we are convinced that it is possible to change the way we think about deconstruction and construction through re-use!

We illustrate our circular economy approach with concrete initiatives, such as the expansion of our Marché à Bon de Commandes branch in Colombes. For the work, we decided to transform materials destined for the dumpster into new resources: doors, partitions, lighting, desks, armchairs, etc. Almost half of the elements used for this expansion came from the Solid'R platform in Antony of the RéaVie association.
RéaVie is an association that gathers and makes available all types of elements for re-use, and of which Mohamed Hamaoui, CSR Manager at Eiffage Construction, is the President and Founder. In full expansion, our teams have just inaugurated the second Solid'R platerfome at Porte d'Ivry, in the presence of Florentin Letissier, Deputy Mayor of Paris, and Jérôme Coumet, Mayor of the 13th arrondissement.
Carried out in collaboration with all our partners (architects, design offices, project managers) from the very beginning of a project, the use of reused materials allows us to rethink the way we design our operations and has a triple positive impact: environmental, economic and social (thanks to the professional integration created by the association).
This approach is an integral part of the Eiffage Group's ambitions in terms of sustainable development, which are deployed in all of our businesses.
Discover the video of the expansion of the MBC branch of Eiffage Construction Amélioration de l'Habitat