RMT builds a 37.5 MWp solar power plant and installs an energy storage system in Ivory Coast, West Africa

Energy Division

Boundiali photovoltaic solar power plant in northern Ivory Coast was built in partnership with the country’s government, in particular CI-ENERGIES, and with financial support from Germany. It has been in operation since July 2023. Our RMT experts were in charge of all the work, and also installed a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) enabling CI-ENERGIES to even out energy production.


As part of its drive to diversify electricity generation sources and increase the share of renewable energies in its energy mix (45% by 2030), Ivory Coast commissioned RMT to build the country's very first photovoltaic solar power plant, with a capacity of 37.5 MWp, spread over 69,440 550 Wp solar panels and 168 inverter-strings of 250 kVA. 


Construction of this solar power plant involved clearing undergrowth from 38 ha of land beforehand, digging a platform for the operating buildings and the energy evacuation station and laying an asphalt access road. Our experts also built and equipped the control building, eight transformer substations, housing and a storage warehouse, and erected a 3.5 km fence around the site. 


"Boundiali power plant is equipped with a 10 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) to even out the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels. This system ensures reliability of the plant's production capacity (64 GWh/year), which can supply up to 30,000 households each year, while saving 27,000 tonnes of CO2", explained RMT's Ivory Coast branch manager Christophe Grizeau 


Our specialists also installed two 40 MVA HV/HVB (30/90 kV) transformers in the HV evacuation zone, as well as two 90 kV underground lines, thus enabling Boundiali solar power plant to feed power into the national grid. They also extended the existing source substation with two new HV feeder bays.