With Savare, Eiffage Construction delivers 30 social housing units with E3C1 certification in La Gorgue (59)

Construction Division

The Waymel residence, on which work began in May 2021, was delivered on 11 July. This wood-frame development, which meets ambitious environmental objectives, comprises 30 collective housing units built by Eiffage Construction as a general contractor. Savare, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction and a specialist in timber construction for more than 40 years in France, installed a timber structure, post and beam, floor caissons, timber frame walls with Douglas fir cladding and roof caissons.

Produced off-site by our subsidiary Savare, experts in wood construction, 30 social housing units (R+3), designed by the Claude Debrock agency, spread over a surface area of more than 3,000 m² of living space, will be built on the former Waymel wasteland in La Gorgue, formerly occupied by former warehouses.

The 30 social housing units, whose architecture is sober and elegant, have been built entirely of wood; the posts are made of Douglas fir, the beams are made of beech, and the stairwells and garbage rooms are made of low carbon concrete.

It took no less than 3 months to assemble the entire wooden structure.

This project has been awarded the state label "Positive Energy and Carbon Reduction Buildings" or E+C- label (level E3C1), in particular for the use of bio-sourced materials. It is also fully in line with the Eiffage Group's ambitious environmental approach, with a total of :

  • - 24 kg/m² of CO2 compared to a traditional concrete building
  • 175 m3 of construction wood
  • 1,400 m² of OSB panels (oriented strand board)
  • 2,200 m² of floor panels
  • 104 tonnes of bio-based materials (wooden framework)
  • photovoltaic panels on the roof

Congratulations to the teams for this great achievement and to our partners!

MOE : Agence d'architecture DEBROCK
General contractor: Eiffage Construction
Co-contractor: SAVARE