The SIEA renews its confidence in Dorsalys for FTTH facility maintenance on the Li@in network

Energy Division

The intercommunal syndicate for energy and e-communication SIEA, in charge of digital development in the Ain department, has entrusted our Dorsalys teams with the preventive and corrective maintenance of its Fibre To The Home (FTTH) facilities. The Li@in network maintenance contract was signed in October 2020 and will run until October 2024.  

The SIEA has had a public initiative network built to provide the Ain’s population, companies and public sites with very high-speed broadband.  This network currently supplies 50,000 customers. Our teams are already in charge of optical works and tertiary maintenance on the Li@in network, and have once again won the public contract for preventive and corrective maintenance awarded by the SIEA. 

“Today, Dorsalys carries out 550 corrective operations per month on average throughout the Ain department, including 10 % of emergencies with less than an hour’s response time and return-to-service deadlines of under 4 hours”, said business manager Clément Bonnard, in charge of the project. This permanent service is available 24/7 and 365 days a year, mobilizing 38 employees to carry out operations in the field and manage and supervise the facilities.  

Our teams are also responsible for designing and deploying a Plug & Play SAP cabinet. This prewired repair cabinet (mounted on a trailer) was developed after an emergency operation on a vandalized SAP (Shared Access Point) cabinet. It won immediate support from the SIEA, and should in future ensure the continuity of the Li@in network, which now comprises 70,000 active components: switches, boxes, and so on. 

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