SmartForest : data science for the industries of the future, with Clemessy and Dynae

Energy Division

Concrete block production unit manufacturer Quadra and its customer Fabemi have resorted to the SmartForest solution invented by KMØ’s engineers. This industrial data aggregation and data science solution was created by our Clemessy brand for industry issues, and deployed on this project by our subsidiary Dynae, the dynamic signal analysis and complex industrial process experts.  

In the beginning  

Quadra, builder of production units supplied turnkey to concrete block manufacturers, was seeking a solution for the advanced monitoring of some of its products, and in particular its concrete press. For its part, Fabemi Group wanted to be able to identify the factors influencing the performance of this vibrating press in order to optimize its breeze block production, while taking care to maximize the machine’s service life.  

Data science applied to the industrial process.   

Our subsidiary Dynae’s expertise enabled our data scientists to analyze 1.5 TB of captured data on the press and its environment, in order to sift through and explain significant variations in production cycle time. The data scientists resorted to statistical methods and AI to model the behaviour of the concrete press. These statistics and algorithms enabled them to determine the production unit’s recurrent usage patterns and identify the combination of factors influencing the machine’s performance.  

Industries of the future 

The SmartForest solution, which exploits data science, is complementary and provides more services than automation, traditional monitoring or advanced machine instrumentation. It enables our vibration analysis and complex industrial process experts to explain cycle time drifts by relating data which a priori have no link between them.  

This solution with high added value combining data science, AI and big data is a real guarantee for the future of our customers’ traditional industrial activities.   

The results 

SmartForest has enabled concrete explanations at the origin of cycle time drifts to be given, thus satisfying the customer who can improve production in terms of both quality and performance.  

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