In the SMP4 Lyon-Turin tunnel, Eiffage Génie Civil are carrying out the final phases of the works

Infrastructures Division

In the SMP4 Lyon-Turin tunnel, the last phases of the work are completed and the teams start the retreat of the site before it is made available for the rest of the project.

In order to guarantee support for 15 years, 8 areas weakened by convergence were reinforced by several mobile formwork tools.

With a radius of 5.30 m for 140 tons, these tools have made it possible to concretize the vault per 10 m long stud.

In total, 343 m in counter vault and 333 m in vault were consolidated by blocking rings.

Congratulations to all the teams involved in these major underground works projects !

Discover the installation of the vault formwork tool in pictures !

Consortium : Eiffage Génie Civil, Spie batignolles, Ghella, CMC di Ravenna, COGEIS SPA
Contracting authority : TELT Lyon Turin