Sm@rt Car-E®, the dynamic charging station management system developed by Eiffage Energie Systèmes' Belgian subsidiaries Collignon and ATI

Energy Division

Sm@rt Car-E® was developed jointly by Eiffage Énergie Systèmes Belgian subsidiaries Collignon and ATI.  It is a ground-breaking web-based solution enabling companies to reduce their energy bills through smart electric or hybrid vehicle charging management. The system, developed by our experts, has been operational since last December and won the Honorary Prize at the 2023 Techlink Awards Night

By promoting self-consumption and levelling out the "quarter-hourly peak" (i.e. the quarter-hour during which energy consumption is most intense), the solution developed by Collignon and ATI contributes to drastically reducing user companies’ energy bills and carbon footprint.

Sm@rt Car-E® is a genuine dynamic management system for electric and hybrid vehicle charging infrastructures, and is 

  • Multi-brand (several types of compatible terminal), 

  • Multisite (supervision via Google Maps), 

  • Accessible on a simple web page (linked to the Cloud). 

This ground-breaking solution can also be used to integrate new points of sale, prioritize users (by reservation) or check charging point availability. In addition, the site manager can use it to edit energy and technical monitoring reports, in order to obtain a charging history, for example. 

The Sm@rt Car-E® solution was designed to meet the needs of our customers. It allows dynamic load management at all levels of the installation, as well as charging station supervision. This summer, the addition of a new function will make it possible to increase self-consumption by injecting the energy produced by our customers' photovoltaic panels into the charging stations," explained Collignon business unit manager Benoît Raskin.

Future developments allowing access to storage and flexibility of the energy markets are also planned. They will enable companies that have chosen Sm@rt Car-E® to further reduce their carbon footprint. Our Belgian subsidiaries ATI, Collignon, ECV and Electrum are already among them.