17112020-Eiffage Robot

Soon a robot to help the teams

Infrastructures Division

Eiffage's Infrastructures branch has just signed a partnership agreement with the Nice start-up Borobo to develop a tracking robot. Initiated by the Prevention and Safety department, this project was born out of the desire to use robotics to provide greater comfort for field employees by reducing load carrying capacity.

Carrier robot technology makes it possible to prevent the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders and lumbar pathologies in the professional world. Thanks to the robot, the operator is exposed to fewer constraints and risks. 
He retains his expertise, develops the core of his technical know-how and, in addition, acquires new skills by mastering the technology. The robot developed in partnership between Eiffage and Borobo will be able to be used in 3 operating modes: manual control with an intuitive joystick; collaborative use with an intelligent system for recognizing human morphology; autonomous navigation with a geolocation accuracy of 5 cm. 
It will be able to carry loads of up to 60 kg in various environments, ranging from the equipped platform, to moving on natural ground outside, and even managing vertical movements such as certain stairs or steep slopes. Start-up Borobo is already collaborating with manufacturers to design load-bearing tracking robots. 
This will be a first, however, since no robot of this caliber has ever been developed specifically for public works activities in France.

Photos Credit: Eiffage