sophie l'hostis

Sophie L’Hostis, new member of the Eiffage Foundation’s governing board

Eiffage Group

During its project selection and monitoring committee meeting on 21 July 2020, the Eiffage Foundation welcomed Sophie L’Hostis, Head of development, fundraising and communication at Emmaüs Défi, as a new member of its governing board. 

As part of a renewal of its members, the Eiffage Foundation’s governing board, which convened on 30 June 2020, appointed Sophie L’Hostis as a new member of its college of qualified persons.
Sophie L’Hostis, Head of development, fundraising and communications at Emmaüs Défi, has 16 years’ experience in marketing and business development in the commercial sector, which she has chosen to mobilise for the public interest. “People are at the heart of what drives me: supporting beneficiaries, meeting sponsors and philanthropists to develop effective solutions that meet everyone's expectations, interacting with everyone I meet in order to learn and share knowledge” she explains.
The governing board makes decisions concerning the key focus of Eiffage Foundation action, and approves all activities for each financial year. The selection and monitoring committee decides on the allocation of funding for sponsored projects.
Governance of the Eiffage Foundation is based on 3 colleges:

  • a founder's college consisting of 5 members from the various Eiffage Group divisions and chaired by the Eiffage Group Chairman and CEO;
  • a college of staff representatives made up of 2 members;
  • a college of qualified persons external to the Group, selected according to their ability to contribute to the work of the Foundation and their experience in its fields of activity, consisting of 4 members.

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