In Spain, Conscytec deploys its expertise in wood and low carbon construction on four ground-breaking projects

Energy Division

Eiffage Energía’s subsidiary Conscytec specializes in the construction of turnkey buildings in Spain, and is to build two residential buildings in Sabadell and a university residence in Seville. These residential projects call on Conscytec’s expertise with wood, and their low-carbon commitment, in line with Eiffage Group’s own policy.  

For the city of Sabadell’s public housing office Vimusa, our experts are to put up the wooden structure of a 21-unit building. A ground-breaking cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction process will allow the six-storey building (ground floor + six floors and two basement levels for parking space) to qualify for an A+ energy rating. The works are scheduled over 16 months. Vimusa has also chosen this new process for the construction of a four-storey building (ground floor + four floors and two basement levels) in the same city, this time comprising 32 social housing units. The duration of the work is estimated at 20 months.  

The digital cutting system used will make it possible to supply these two sites with wood panels pre-cut to the required sizes. This industrialized process is a guarantee of cleanliness for the construction sites, since the panels are cut up in the workshop beforehand. It also limits coactivity on the site, and consequently, the number of accidents.  

In Seville, Conscytec is building a university residence with 243 rooms equipped with prefabricated private bathrooms for Urbania, a Spanish company specializing in the management of real estate projects. The prefabricated shower rooms enable Conscytec to drastically reduce lead times, and also the volume of waste produced on the construction site, via the relocation of certain works to offsite workshops.  

Out teams are operating on these sites as general contractor and carrying out the electrical and HVAC works as well as constructing the buildings.  

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