A strong gesture, a Golden Gesture: Eiffage Construction laureate for the renovation of the Modern Art Museum of Paris

Construction Division

Just one year after the completion of the work, the Eiffage Construction teams were congratulated on the most beautiful of manners on October 29, with the award of the Golden Gesture «Restructuring, rehabilitation, uses» for their work in the Modern Art Museum of Paris.

A very nice reward for a very beautiful work! The Golden Gesture ("Le Geste d'Or"), an independent and cross-cutting association of building, landscape and land-use planning professions, has rewarded the work of the Eiffage Construction Equipements Services teams for the renovation project of the Modern Art Museum of Paris.

Winner of the «Restructuration, réhabilitation, usages» prize, this major project of the Town Hall of Paris focused on the renovation of a heritage of Parisian culture erected in 1937, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

This competition aims to identify and showcase the exemplary operations carried out and is a real pride for our teams and partners involved, including the architectural firms H2o Architectes and Studio GGSV, the companies Beca and Louisiana, and the Paris Museums teams.

As a reminder, the work carried out on this operation made it possible to conserve and modernize this cultural place, symbol of French heritage, and aimed to improve the conditions of reception of the public and allow a greater fluidity between the different spaces. It had a very technical aspect because the 14,000m² had been renovated during the operation of the museum and in occupied areas.
Congratulations to the teams for this fine distinction!
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Photo credits: Stéphane Chalmeau