ariane 6

Successful liftoff for the Ariane 6 rocket from the launch pad in Kourou (French Guiana).

Eiffage Group

On Tuesday, July 9th, the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully carried out the first launch of the Ariane 6 rocket. This success was made possible in particular thanks to the expertise of Eiffage Génie Civil, Eiffage Métal, Eiffage Route, SEH Engineering, and Eiffage Énergie Systèmes.

A major project made possible by the expertise and collaboration of our teams

The Eiffage teams are proud to have been part of the Ariane 6 space adventure and to have supported CNES (National Centre for Space Studies) and ESA (European Space Agency) in the construction of the launch pad:

  • Eiffage Génie Civil: execution of the infrastructure package for the Ariane 6 launch complex
  • Eiffage Métal: construction of a 90 m high, 50 m wide, 8,000-ton mobile gantry, which allows for the verticalization and positioning of the rocket on its launch table, and the lifting of its payload fairing before liftoff.
  • Eiffage Route: construction of various road networks and pavements
  • Eiffage Énergie Systèmes: construction of the launch pad infrastructures for both the Soyuz rocket and the Vega launcher: security and electrical systems, control systems, test bench, and automated workshop.

A look back at an extraordinary operation

  • 2016: The Eclair6 consortium, including Eiffage Génie Civil, Eiffage Métal, Eiffage Route, SEH Engineering, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, Axima, and ICOP (I.CO.P. S.p.A. Società Benefit), led by Eiffage Génie Civil, was entrusted with the infrastructure package of the Ariane 6 launch complex (ELA4) within the Guiana Space Centre.
  • 2016 - 2021: The construction work was in full swing, with the completion of all ELA4 structures, including the launch massif with its two flame trenches, the gantry, the launcher assembly building (BAL), the water tower, and the lightning masts.
  • 2021: Inauguration of the launch pad
  • July 9, 2024: First launch of Ariane 6