Terceo transforms the high-rise building Silex 2 in the heart of Lyon’s Part-Dieu district

Energy Division

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Client Covivio (formerly Foncière des Régions) has entrusted Eiffage Group’s teams with a complete overhaul of the former EDF tower in the Part-Dieu business district. Under the leadership of Eiffage Construction, specialists from our Terceo brand for the tertiary sector market took part in this dizzying upgrading project.

Silex office complex comprises two separate buildings : Silex 1, with its 10,700 m² of office space and Silex 2, which includes around 31,000. The new part of Silex 2 backs onto the former EDF tower (now entirely renovated) and soars to over 130 metres high. The tertiary complex, which will essentially contain office space from 2020 onwards, is also to offer its 2,500 occupants a complete range of services. A company restaurant, a cafeteria, some local stores, a brasserie with table service (on the 21st floor) an in-house multi-service concierge system, an auditorium seating 140, a wellness centre and 300 m² of active ground-floor use (completely open to the city) are to be included in this new-generation building programme.

This huge project managed by Eiffage Construction is benefitting from our HVAC and energy engineering specialists’ know-how as they carry out the HVAC and smoke extraction work. Our electricians are also operating on the high-rise building, and are having to adjust to the logistics and handling demands of a structure this size, in order to carry through all the HV and LV work required for such a ground-breaking and connected complex.

Delivery of the Silex 2 building is scheduled for 2020.

Photo credits : © Asylum