In Toulouse, Eiffage Génie Civil has laid the final section of the deck of the Robert Poujade footbridge.

Infrastructures Division

This footbridge, Robert Poujade formerly Rapas, spans the Garonne without any support and marks the entrance to the Ile du Ramier from the left bank.

  • Length: 165 m
  • Width: 5 m
  • Asymmetrical cable-stayed footbridge with a single mast 65 m high
  • Use: reserved for soft mobility, pedestrians and cyclists.

This structure will blend harmoniously into the river's pathway thanks to its light, slender structure, giving an unobstructed view of Toulouse's historic centre and the Pyrenees mountain range in the distance.

To ensure the success of this project, Eiffage Génie Civil drew on the skills and expertise available within the Group, including the Biep design office, Eiffage Métal, Eiffage Route and Ævia.

As a committed player in the Toulouse region, the company called on a number of local partners, including Quartiers Lumières, Citélum, Créasol, LVTec and Entrepose, to name but a few.

Design and build consortium: Eiffage Génie Civil (leader), Ingérop, Grimshaw, ppa-architectures and ATP Atelier.