16122020-Déblais ligne 15

Transfer of excavated material: Eiffage Rail at the service of the Société du Grand Paris

Infrastructures Division

Our ERS teams have implemented a solution for transporting excavated material by rail on the construction site of the future Line 15 of the Grand Paris Express. 

After an initial campaign in 2019, during which more than 50,000 tons of excavated material were removed in three months, a second campaign began last May and will continue until next April. 

The excavated soil from the site will be transported via a sorting platform at the future Bry-Villiers-Champigny train station, which will house a branch terminal facility (ITE) on the national rail network. Sorted, the soil is loaded into freight trains of about twenty specific wagons pulled by our locomotives, and evacuated twice a day. 

As on many construction sites, Eiffage supports its client, in this case Société du Grand Paris, in the development of a less emissive mode of transport. 

Photos Credit : Eiffage Rail