Unique in Europe, our Eiffage Construction teams and the City of Romainville deliver the 1000m² Cité Maraîchère

Construction Division

Unique in Europe and in line with Eiffage's environmental approach, this emblematic operation dedicated to urban agriculture has just been delivered by Eiffage Construction! Located in the heart of the Marcel Cachin district, the 1000m² of greenhouses will be maintained and operated by the city.

This is a first! The only building of its kind in Europe, it was designed by the Ilimelgo architectural firm. Divided into 2 buildings (R+4 and R+6) on a basement level, the project was carried out in a consortium with CMF for the creation of the glass roofs that cover all the façades.

The aim? To bring life to the heart of the city thanks to sharing spaces on the ground floor and first floor to welcome local residents who will be able to take advantage of workshops and events, direct exchanges with producers, promotion of short circuits, etc. The Cité will soon be accessible to the people of Romainville.

The city, which operates the Cité Maraîchère, has chosen the municipal agricultural management model, which should make it possible to produce 12 tonnes of fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and edible flowers each year, equivalent to the annual consumption of 200 families.

Congratulations to the Eiffage Construction Equipements Réhabilités teams for this great project, which mobilised up to 30 employees at peak times, and thanks to our partners:

  •     Romainville City Council
  •     Ilimelgo / Secousses / Scoping / Land'act
  •     CMF