In the Var department, Eiffage Génie Civil has built two ecoducts under the A8 and A57 motorways

Infrastructures Division

We headed for the Var department, in the commune of Le Luc (83), where Eiffage Génie Civil's network teams have successfully completed two ecoducts. These crossings are designed to facilitate the movement of small and medium-sized local fauna, in particular hares, foxes, badgers, martens, snakes and amphibians under the A8 and A57 motorways.

In order to limit the impact on the flora and fauna of the construction site, the footprint was reduced as much as possible by installing the equipment lengthwise in narrow strips on the edge of the motorway.

The creation of these ecoducts in reinforced concrete pipes, in the motorway embankment, required the use of a micro-tunnelling machine. The heterogeneity of the geology encountered made the operations particularly delicate and the sinking was carried out from the surface using an atypical thrust station.

This project was carried out in partnership with the Gagneraud group. Thanks to our client Vinci Autoroutes. Project management: TRACTEBEL.