20082021-usine décarboné

A vertical plant in decarbonated cement signed by Eiffage Génie Civil

Infrastructures Division

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has entrusted Eiffage Génie Civil with the construction of its second production site (H2): a future vertical plant based in Bournezeau (85).

On Friday, July 30, our teams laid the 24 petals that will form the plant's inverted cone. These petals, weighing 15 tons each, were prefabricated on site with a concrete made from H-UKR 0% clinker cement. 
Work will continue throughout the month of August in order to key the 24 petals together and also to prepare the next lift up to 65 meters high.
Made entirely of Hoffmann Green Technologies concrete, this new unit, with a production capacity of 250,000 t of decarbonated cement 0 clinker, will be commissioned by the end of 2022. Eventually, it will allow the production of all current and future Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies.

Photo Credit : Eiffage Génie Civil