In Vitry-sur-Seine (94), Eiffage Génie Civil is participating in the "Ardoines Ramp" project

Infrastructures Division

The project, which is part of the municipality's modernisation plan, involves building a hydraulic compensation structure under the west ramp of the Ardoines crossing, and will also address the risk of flooding in the event of the Seine flooding.

Following a general pre-digging operation, the Foundations teams drilled the 175 anchor piles for the pool, ranging in diameter from 800 mm to 1200 mm, over a length of 17 m.

Once the roof slab covering almost 4,000 m² and its waterproofing had been completed, work continued on the underside with the mole excavation of 12,000 m³ of earth, the construction of a shotcrete perimeter wall and the invert of the structure.

By changing the phasing of the work, the overall schedule was shortened by almost a month, and 70% of the excavated material was reused as backfill.

The "top and down" method used - structure then mole earthworks - is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of this operation.

Completion is scheduled for June 2024!