Tema: work on the harbour in progress

Infrastructures Division

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At Tema Harbour in Ghana, over 25 hectares of earthworks and hub adjustment have already been achieved, and 18 hectares covered with a 25 cm layer of gravel treated with hydraulic binder.

A second plant set up recently will enable the production of mixtures treated with hydraulic binder to be virtually doubled, reaching 8,000 tonnes per day, in order to attack the second and third layers carried out by paver.

At the same time, the dry and wet network teams have laid over 5 km of piping. As for the 42 million paving stones, they are being manufactured on 3 production lines which are to supply the worksite round the clock. The team of 28 expats and 300 local staff are resolutely focused on our first milestone: at the end of March 2019, 35 hectares of hub will be delivered, fully equipped and linked up to the power network!

We remind you that this project, signed last October, is being carried out for Meridian Port Services (comprising Bolloré Transport & Logistics, APMT and Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority) by Eiffage Génie Civil and RMT, and involves designing and building a 97.6 hectare port hub with a 122 M$ budget. There is also a second, optional 34.5 M$ phase concerning a 29.4 hectare extension.

The works include earthworks, dry and wet networks, road pavement structure, manufacturing and laying 42 million paving stones, building container cranes and site access roads, creating a power station and installing various facilities and types of equipment (container crane power supply, Reefer Racks, automatic barriers, lighting, monitoring systems, etc.).

The project effectively kicked off last May after 8 months' preliminary studies, and is scheduled to be fully completed and delivered in Spring 2020.