Montpellier Polygone: a new steel framework with the Eiffage Métal hallmark

Infrastructures Division

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Socri Promotion has awarded Lot 2A «Framework, Roofing» on the Polygone shopping centre upgrading project to Eiffage Métal. The works will total 7 million euros.

Renovation work on the Polygone centre chiefly involoves demolishing the existing roof and building a 3,300 m² canopy composed of ETFE cushions.  This canopy will rest on a steel framework of crossed arches, and the whole structure will constitute Eiffage Métal's Lot 2A «Framework, Roofing».  We are also to build the 1,100 m² of façade surrounding the new canopy.

Installation work is scheduled to begin in Spring 2019, with completion and delivery in December 2019.

*ETFE : Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene.