Eiffage Route and Phoenix Services, via their joint subsidiary SGA, signed an agreement renewing their service contract with ArcelorMittal Dunkerque

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Eiffage, via its Eiffage Route Subsidiary, and Phoenix Services have secured a new contract with ArcelorMittal, through SGA, their joint subsidiary (50/50) for the removal and processing of by-products from the Dunkirk steelworks, the recovery of metal parts and the recycling of slag*.

This contract, worth an estimated €155 million over 10 years, will come into effect on December 1, 2018.

The services to be provided entail collecting approximately 1 million tonnes of liquid slag (at 1,600°C) per year, removing its iron content by a process already used in an earlier contract signed in 2004, and recycling it for embankments, agricultural uses and the manufacture of hydraulic binder marketed by Eiffage under the Sidmix brand.

No fewer than 75 personnel will be mobilised on a 24/7 basis to guarantee the orderly removal of the slag from the steelmaking facility.

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*Mineral material produced during the conversion of cast iron into steel