Monaco: the offshore extension of Anse du Portier in Monaco becomes reality

Infrastructures Division

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On Wednesday, September 12th 2018, Eiffage Génie Civil Marine Teams, successfully completed the installation of the first caisson for the offshore extension of Anse du Portier in Monaco.
This infrastructure that will ultimately represent around 6.5 hectare, extension of new land into the sea.


The first caisson, a series of 18 units, weighs 10, 000 tons.
It’s length and width measure 30 m, which culminates to 25 m of height: the equivalent to a building consisting 8 floors high.
Particularly meticulous, the placing of these units had a tolerance of only 20 cm! – It was perfectly respected and executed.
Don’t forget to take into consideration that, Eiffage Génie Civil Marine, carried out the maritime transport of the caissons from Marseilles, levelling of the underwater layer, as well as the Immersion and ballasting of the 18 Caissons, which will form the belt of this second extension at sea in the Principality of Monaco.