Eiffage to build Chirajara cable-stayed bridge in Colombia

Infrastructures Division

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Eiffage Génie Civil and the group's Colombian subsidiary Puentes y Torones  have been chosen by Colombian motorway concession company Coviandes to design and build a cable-stayed bridge at Chirajara, a hundred kilometres from Bogotá in Colombia.  

This 446 m structure supported on two V-shaped piers boasts a main 286 m span and will rise to a height of 150 m above the ravine. The bridge will be part of a programme to modernize « Los Llanos » motorway linking Bogotá and Villavicencio, and should reduce travelling time between these two towns by 25 minutes. The project involves 4 months' preliminary studies and 18.5 months' work, for an 18.5 million euro-budget.