Two Safety Trophies for Eiffage Route

Infrastructures Division

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Eiffage Route has been awarded two « Safety Together » trophies by French roads association Routes de France, the Idrrim and the OPPBTP.

These prizes reward partnership initiatives in the field of safety, health and security involving at least one company and one or more clients and/or prime contractors, during design, building, maintenance, operation, management and road infrastructure development activities.

The first trophy was awarded to Eiffage Route Val-de-Loire in the «Traffic» category, for their model partnership in the field of safety, as part of road surface upkeep operations on the A10 motorway near Tours. The second, with the special mention «Comprehensive Approach», was won by Eiffage Route Nord-Est, for the organization of Safety Days throughout regional management, which brought together a considerable number of partners.

Congratulations to all staff who carried high our ambitions for Eiffage Infrastructure Branch's 100% Safety initiative!
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Photos Credit: Eiffage Route