Update on the design and build of the Desalination Plant in Djibouti

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The teams of Eiffage Génie Civil have been working for the last year on the construction of the first water treatment plant in Djibouti by desalination of seawater. Built in the Doraleh district, it will contribute to the country's water independence and will ensure the production of locally treated water for the Djiboutians. In July 2017, Eiffage won the contract for design, construction and operation of the PEPER project (Production of Drinking Water by Renewable Energy) in Djibouti


As a reminder, this project includes a water desalination unit with a treatment capacity of 22,500 m³ / day as well as other works which are in progress and which will ensure, in the long term, a total production capacity. 45,000 m³ / day.
At the end of October 2018, the design phase of the project is 95% complete and all 18 project works are in progress. Maritime work, undertaken on a nearby Chinese military base, compromises the bathymetric and current studies carried out since the beginning of the project and has a strong impact on the progress of the sewer and discharge pipes works.

The structural work progress is estimated at 35%, and the steel structure of the main industrial building of the plant housing the reverse osmosis filters*, will be installed at the beginning of the year 2019.
The majority of electromechanical equipment is in production and will start to be delivered on site in November 2018.
In order to connect the plant to the city's drinking water distribution network, a 5000 m³ tank and a 700 mm diameter pipe (made of GRP- fiber glass reinforced polyester) close to 10 km in length complete the works. The first three kilometres of this pipeline downstream of the treatment plant have already been delivered and production of the remaining 6 km is ongoing.
Negotiations are underway for additional work.




*L’osmose inverse est un système de purification de l'eau contenant des matières en solution par un système de filtrage très fin qui ne laisse passer que les molécules d'eau.