Reopening of the Jenner tunnel in Le Havre

Infrastructures Division

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The " Le Havre conurbation" has entrusted Eiffage Génie Civil with the modernisation and safety of the Jenner tunnel.

Closed for nearly a year, the new structure was reopened to motorists and cyclists on December 21. Worth €15 million, the works included a reorganisation of the traffic lanes with :

- One lane reserved for light vehicles

- A lane for emergency vehicles (fire brigade and SAMU)

- A path dedicated to bicycles

The site now meets safety standards with the installation of a ventilation system for smoke evacuation and the installation of automatic incident detection thanks to the installation of 40 cameras.

Note : the tunnel is strictly forbidden to pedestrians for whom an alternative route has been specially designed.

Photo Credit : Eiffage Branche Infrastructures