Teams from Eiffage and SDIS 49 co-operate successfully on the Arts et Métiers bridge!

Infrastructures Division

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Last 15 January, Maine et Loire Departmental Fire and Rescue Service SDIS 49 carried out an emergency rescue simulation exercise in co-operation with teams from Eiffage Génie Civil and Eiffage Métal on the Arts et Métiers bridge under construction in Angers.

The aim of the exercise was to rescue an injured craftsman from the bottom of one of the cofferdams on this bridge, which is to carry the city’s second tram line over the river. No less than 2 hours of effort were needed before SDIS 49’s teams were able to bring the “victim” up to dry land.

This is good safety practice, and very necessary before the removal of launching equipment, scheduled to begin very soon.

 Safety is everybody’s business!