Réunion Island: visiting Mont Vert power source substation   

Infrastructures Division

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On 18 January last, Saint Pierre’s sous-préfet Lucien Giudicelli and EDF Réunion director Olivier Duhagon visted the 63/15 kv transformer source substation at Mont Vert, which uses modular indoor substation technology. 

This project combines the different fields of expertise of our Hydrotech civil engineering specialists and represents a total figure of 4.78 M€. It will require:

·        1,400 m³ of concrete
·         60,000 kg of reinforcement 
·         8,000 t of backfill
·         80 t of steel framework
The project will also employ 11 subcontracting firms. 

The works are scheduled over a year and will enable the people of southern Reunion Island to be supplied with electrical power.