Templemars: a pro-active approach in favour of biodiversity at Eiffage Génie Civil

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The Templemars site has become a haven for biodiversity, to such an extent that you’ve contacted the association “Humanity and Biodiversity” (Humanité et Biodiversité) with the aim of obtaining the “Oasis Nature” label. How did you go about it? 

Laurence Lotigier, QHSE co-ordinator and Safety Methods Department Manager, Eiffage Génie Civil Nord : our Templemars site near Lille includes a prefabrication area, a reinforcement workshop and a materials depot. We wanted to develop its potential, and at the end of 2017, decided to involve an intern on a professional skills contract who was studying for an Atib degree. Atib stands for “Analyses et techniques d’inventaires de la biodiversité” or “Biodiversity Inventory Analysis and Techniques”. 
Under the impetus of this intern, a number of actions were deployed in several months with the aim of improving conditions for biodiversity on the site: using late mowing and eco-pasturing, planting a meadow of wild flowers and installing mangers and bird and bat boxes.
We were surprised to note that even an artificialized site can have real value in terms of flora and fauna diversity. We counted no less than 100 plant species, including one species, supine toadflax, which is protected in the region, and two other species with “remarkable environment” conservation status: the common eyebright and the tutsan (a variety of Saint John’s wort). Our staff have been involved in observing the increasing quantities of fauna and flora and have developed and strengthened their skills. They are now aware of their natural environment and have become active in its conservation. 
Have you any new projects for 2019?

Laurence Lotigier : the Hauts-de-France region has been severely affected by urbanization, industrialization and agriculture, causing the fragmentation of natural habitats. Species can no longer move easily. The key issue is to re-establish connectivity between habitats by planting hedges with a diversified but interlinked blend of trees and shrubs, alternating evergreen and deciduous varieties and berries. This will have been achieved by next spring. 
Preventive action can be taken by copying this experience on all rural worksites, to avoid destroying endangered species through ignorance or having to repair the spread of invasive species. With the steps already taken and its position at the heart of a crossroads between urbanization, agricultural areas, natural environments and wetlands, our Templemars site could well become a model of best practices to be followed in order to foster and conserve biodiversity within Eiffage Group.
The association « Humanité et Biodiversité » has been a partner of Eiffage since October 2012: strategic discussions are conducted with its members who provide the Groupe with expertise in biodiversity policies and contribute to raising awareness and training our staff in these issues. 

To learn more, contact :
- Laurence Lotigier at Templemars : laurence.lotigier@eiffage.com
- Marion Aubrat and Laure-Hélène Candelier at Eiffage’s headquarters (Pierre-Berger campus) in Vélizy-Villacoublay : marion.aubrat@eiffage.com ; laure-helene.candelier@eiffage.com

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