A new water tower signed Eiffage Génie Civil

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The Syndicat des Eaux de la Charente-Maritime (SDE17) has entrusted the Reservoirs department of Eiffage Génie Civil with the construction of a new water tower in the town of Bédenac.

After 13 months of work, the structure was delivered last week. With a capacity of 460 m³ and a total height of 42 m, this new water tower will supply the residents of Bussac-Forêt, Corignac, part of the municipality of Bedenac and will be able to help the municipality of Montendre.

Key information about the site:

- 300 m3 of concrete

- 25 tons of steel

- Contracting authority: Syndicat des Eaux de la Charente-Maritime (SDE17)

- Prime contractor: SOCAMA Ingénierie (Agence de Saintes)

Photos Credit:  Eiffage Génie Civil