24042019-Tour Balzac

Romans-sur-Isère : demolition of the Balzac Tower

Infrastructures Division

The Balzac Tower, built in 1975 in the Monnaie district, housed 94 apartments spread over 15 floors. His demolition is an integral part of the renewal of the neighbourhood's housing, as the tower will give way to a new building of new housing, the majority of which will be accessible to the property.

After the asbestos removal phase of the building, the Eiffage Démolition team, composed of 15 people, carried out all the interior deconstruction work for two months. This phase consists of depositing and sorting at source all waste from the elements of the finishing work (joinery, insulation, floor coverings, etc.) in order to preserve only the shell of the concrete building.

Then, on March 14, mechanical destruction began, for which Eiffage Démolition deployed all its resources. Indeed, the demolition of the tower, 15 floors high, required the use of a 120-tonne excavator equipped with a 40-metre demolition arm; then 2 40-tonne excavators for the lower parts.

The project will end with the crushing and removal of the rubble in order to leave a clear place for the writing of a new page in the history of the district.

Project management : UDEC

Client : Valence Romans Habitat

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Photos Credit : Eiffage Génie Civil