28052019-Tour Eiffel

Elevator renovation of the North pillar of the Eiffel Tower

Infrastructures Division

The SETE entrusts Eiffage Métal, in consortium, with upgrading the Eiffel Tower’s North Pillar elevator.

This electric elevator providing access for visitors to the 2nd floor of the Tower dates back to 1964 and needed a facelift. The pulleys, guide rails, shaft, counterweight and double cabin are all to be integrally renewed, while keeping the existing principles. The upgrading work on this emblematic monument has been entrusted to Eiffage Métal, in consortium.


After a 2-month phase of preparatory works, renovation operations on the elevator (requiring 17 months of studies) began in January 2019, when two temporary platforms were assembled within the structure of the north pillar. These platforms contain over 120 tonnes of steel and enable the 40 master craftsmen involved in the project to work safely. A 30-metre pylon providing access to the upper work platform was also installed for these works carried out at a great height (up to 120 metres) on the whole elevator shaft.

The renovation works are scheduled  over 33 months in several phases but will not disrupt visitor access to the Eiffel Tower since the elevators on the East and West pillars remain operational. During the first phase, the existing elevator cabins, counterweight and counterweight shaft will be dismantled. The counterweight shaft will then be replaced and the cabin shaft reinforced, followed by removal and replacement of the current pulleys. Finally, the new cabin and counterweight carriage are to be installed. After a test phase, the new elevator will be ready to join the lifts on the East and West pillars in carrying visitors up to admire the magnificent view offered by the monument.

Photos Credit: © Ecliptique / Laurent Thion link : http//ecliptique.com/