06062019-Cérémonie Egletons

Pierre-Martin d'Egletons Promotion: two young Eiffage Route employees in the spotlight

Infrastructures Division

Two young Eiffage Route recruits were praised during the naming of the 2019 class - Pierre-Martin d'Egletons on May 18.

Maël Goepfert, an alternating employee at Eiffage Route Nord-Est's Reguisheim branch - CAP machine operator at EFIA TP, received the 1st prize for excellence in machine driving. Baptiste Gagnière, an employee at Eiffage Route Centre-Est's Perreux agency, was the top graduate of CFC Sylvain-Joyeux's promotion for Site Managers.

Both were congratulated by Laurent Girou and Jean-François Martel, who were present at Egletons for the event.

Photos Credit: CFC TP Egletons