18072019-Theil Bretagne

Renewal of the two multistage pumps at the Theil de Bretagne recovery station

Infrastructures Division

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The Syndicat des Eaux de la Forêt du Theil (SIEFT) has reiterated its confidence in the Eiffage Génie Civil teams with a new site approved: the renewal of the two multistage pumps at the Theil recovery station.

The Eiffage Génie Civil Hydro & Reservoirs teams took care of:

- Renewal of the two multistage pumps (55 kW) including the hydraulic and electrical equipment associated with the pumps (water hammer tank, piping, valves, valves, valves, meters, electrical cabinet, etc.),

- their connection to existing networks.

Our integrated design office has handled in-house hydraulic (in particular anti-water hammer and pumping studies), mechanical (stop and support dimensioning) and civil engineering studies. 800 Hours of work were required between the prefabrication (316L nitrogen stainless steel) and the work for our journeymen fitters and pipefitters/welders.

The extensive preparation of the work, which made it possible to guarantee the continuity of service of the drinking water supply station (only two 8-hour outages).

This 232 k€ project began in January with the prefabrication of the piping and in March with on-site work.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Branche Infrastructures