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Massy-Evry tram-train: a first bridge launched

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It was in the early morning of September 13 that the first mixed structure of the Massy-Evry tram-train project (TTME) docked on the abutment located on the other side of the A6 at Ris-Orangis.

This stage marks the end of several nights of launch and the successful crossing of the Autoroute du Soleil.

Eiffage teams worked hard for three weeks of nights to ensure that the 95-metre-long OA8 structure reached the other bank, over a distance of around 150 metres.

It will take another 4 months for the complete completion of the work: unravelling, reinforcement and concreting of the hourdis, implementation of waterproofing, cornices and railings. However, it will be 3 years before we see the first user using this new public transport line that will connect Massy to Evry, crossing the A6 motorway three times.

The Eiffage Génie Civil (leader) / Eiffage Métal consortium has already been working on this project for 18 months.

The work is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2020, with the construction of two concrete booms (200 m and 300 m) and a second mixed bridge (OA11) scheduled to be launched in the spring of 2020...

Photos Credit: Eiffage Branche Infrastructures