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Rouen: new maintenance contract for the Gustave-Flaubert bridge for Eiffage Métal

Infrastructures Division

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The interdepartmental direction of the Northwest Roads (Dirno) has renewed its confidence in Eiffage Métal to maintain the Gustave-Flaubert bridge in operational condition.

The contract includes mechanical, hydraulic and electrical maintenance work for a period of 4 years. Operations can range from the simplest to the heaviest, such as dismantling equipment for overhaul. 
The teams will also ensure the permanent operation of the bridge. 
Built in 2008 as a consortium by Eiffage Métal and Eiffage Génie Civil, the Gustave-Flaubert bridge is the largest mobile bridge in Europe. Considered one of the symbols of the city of Rouen, it is distinguished by its revolutionary design with its two aprons suspended from pylons that carry the "butterfly" lifting mechanisms 55 m above the Seine.  
This prestigious project once again confirms the expertise of Eiffage Métal's Industrial Division.  

Photo credits: Eiffage Métal