07102019- Tour tripode

Eiffage Démolition in action on the Tripod Tower in Saint-Étienne

Infrastructures Division

Eiffage Démolition teams started work in January on the deconstruction of the Tripod Tower, located at the entrance to Saint-Étienne and near the RN 88.

Built in the 1950s, this 17-storey building, 55 m high, housed more than a hundred apartments. It will be replaced, as part of an operational agreement signed between Epora and Cité Nouvelle in 2016, by a new district with modern architecture, which will also give a significant place to green spaces.

The 14-month project is being carried out in several stages:

- Asbestos removal, including the treatment of 450 window frame joints, by operators equipped with exoskeletons

- the cleaning of the building over an area of 6,300 m² using mini-machines

- the clipping of the upper levels of the tower using remote-controlled mini-machines and the installation of protection platforms

- the evacuation of rubble from the core of the building through the old elevator shafts (1,750 m³ of concrete evacuated)

- the deconstruction of the lower floors using a long-armed excavator (2,000 m³ of concrete evacuated)

Project owner: EPORA

Project management: SAFEGE SUEZ CONSULTING

Photos Credit: Eiffage Génie Civil