Greater Tortue Ahmeyim for BP: works are also starting in Mauritania

Infrastructures Division

The quarry of the GTA project, located at Hajar Denben, 275 km from the port of Nouakchott is about to produce the quarry materials (around 2.5 million tonnes) required for the realization of the under-water dike.

A team of about twenty Eiffage employees is already mobilised at site. The construction works of the bypass track (40km) of Nouakchott are under progress. It will allow transportation by road of the quarry materials to the port with a fleet of around 160 trucks.

At the Port of Nouakchott, preparatory works also began with the construction of the material storage platform, and dredging in the port to deepen an existing wharf.

At peak, activities in Mauritania will generate the creation of around 600 direct and indirect jobs.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Génie Civil