Eiffage Génie Civil in charge of the Gier redevelopment project

Infrastructures Division

Eiffage Génie Civil Terrassement's Forézienne teams are continuing the Gier redevelopment project at La Grand-Croix in the Loire.

This work, carried out on behalf of Saint-Étienne Métropole, consists of restoring the bed and banks of the watercourse for hydraulic, ecological and landscape purposes.

More than fifteen employees were mobilized to restore more than 1,000 m of the river and its former meander, with the restoration of banks on earth and riprap, the removal and treatment of Japanese knotweed and polluted soil, the levelling of a weir and the creation of a fish pass.

To come in the coming months: finishing work, creation of a wetland, a flood expansion field, removal of temporary equipment and plant engineering work to be carried out by our partner Diaz Frères.

This 18-month operation will be completed in spring 2020.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Génie Civil