15112019-eole rail

Eiffage Rail in the starting blocks on the Eole VCM site in Nanterre

Infrastructures Division

Since the beginning of November, Eiffage Rail's teams and their partners have been preparing the VCM works - tracks, catenaries and metalwork - in the area of the Eole central tunnel - line E of the RER - between Haussmann Saint-Lazare and Nanterre station, with the installation of a track unit and 100 metres of temporary track to accommodate the work train in order to deliver the necessary equipment to the site.


No less than 2,600 ties, 1,600 tonnes of ballast, 12 switches and switches, 84 108-metre track bars were received and distributed on site awaiting installation.

Next week will be marked by the pre-assembly of the switches and crossings, the laying of 200 m of track and the start of catenary work on Tuesday 19 November.


Photos ​Credit: Eiffage Rail