03022020-Projet GTA

Greater Tortue Ahmeyim Project for BP: Eiffage Génie Civil Marine active on all work fronts….

Infrastructures Division

In Mauritania, Eiffage Génie Civil Marine, has started work in the project's quarry located at Hajar Dehken (275 km from Nouakchott) on January 22nd, 2020 after receiving all the required permits.

The operations were carried out in strict compliance with safety rules, in particular with a 500 m exclusion area. In total, 954,200 m3 of material will be processed for the body of the foundation, 92,900 m3 of ballast under the caisson.
In Senegal, Eiffage Génie Civil Marine will be ready to pour the first cubic meters of concrete from the first caisson during the first half of February. A total of 120 000 m3 of concrete will be poured for the 21 caissons.
Offshore, the first ship left the port of Dakar on January 24th to assist in a seabed reconnaissance campaign. It has been joined on January 30th by the dredger Al Idrissi which carries out the first offshore works by removing the unsuitable materials, located in the breakwater right-of-way.
The above work is being carried out involving more than 1000 Mauritanian and Senegalese workers and involving more than 120 national companies. 

Photos Credit: Eiffage Génie Civil