Port-sur-Saône Viaduct, a look back at a symbolic milestone achieved by the Eiffage Métal teams

Infrastructures Division

On March 11th and 12th, the 5th and final launching of the metal structure of the Port-sur-Saône viaduct took place. This spectacular operation, with the crossing of the Saône, is part of an overall programme of progressive development of the RN 19 between Langres and Delle into a 2 x 2 lane high service level.

The last launch, consisting of the largest span (97.5 m) to cross the Saône and reach pier P7, took place on Wednesday 11 March. On Thursday 12 March, the last 58.5 metres were used to reach the C8 abutment, located on the other side of the Saône plain. 

This operation mobilized 24 people. It took two days to launch the 4,700-tonne framework (4,050 tonnes of deck + 650 tonnes of embedded reinforcement cages) from pier P6 to abutment C8. It should also be noted that the 48 main girders of the viaduct, each weighing between 50 and 85 tonnes, were manufactured in our Lauterbourg production plant.

The final operation for Eiffage Métal will consist of removing the girders to their final level before placing them at the disposal of Eiffage Génie Civil, which will be in charge of concreting the deck using mobile crews.

This 607 m long structure crosses the Saône valley and is up to 28 m high with its largest pile.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Métal